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Thread: STvB4 Responsive updated - some bug fixes

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    STvB4 Responsive updated - some bug fixes

    Hello Guys,
    I have updated our responsive style to fix some stuff.
    Thank you Jo n Johnson form for bug report.

    You need to re-upload 2 css files:

    1. Overlapping page number and visitor message count number in profile
    2. Normal postbit overlapping drop menu in mobile when large avatar
    3. Added support for addon DBTech Advanced Post Thanks
    4. Added support for addon VSA Advanced Forum Statistic 7.0.8

    no 3 and 4, I provided style xml in the Upload folder (vbulletin-style-vsa-advancedForumStats.xml and vbulletin-style-dbtech-AdvPostThanks) upload them both the same like style upload but now use the "Merge into Style" option and pick on the main style uploaded above to merge with.

    Someone message me with code changes for WHOISONLINE template for php7.2, I am not a programmer. I need to verify this with vbulletin.

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    I have updated again today SultanThemeVB4R/css/st-responsive.css
    1. Fixed the normal postbit big avatar width
    2. Fixed the range 1 long topic in vsa top10 stats.

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    Hello napy8gen,

    I'm interested in this vB4 responsive theme and I'm having a question. In my forum ( I place some banners. Currently different banners are placed in the forum's desktop style and mobile style. So please let me know with this responsive style how the banners will be placed and displayed on different devices.

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