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Thread: STvb4 Responsive 2.0.1 - Latest update

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    STvb4 Responsive 2.0.1 - Latest update

    This is small update consist of.
    1. Bugfix of current signature preview push off screen in mobile- in edit signature
    2. Signature editor made simple.
    3. Header 2 sample ads margin right is now corrected.
    4. Footer column 2 links to my shop and vb4 responsive shop link updated.
    5. Breadrcumb padding top and bottom
    6. Font size for sub nav and top links is now smaller
    7. Toplinks my profile icon changed to new one.
    8. Some color fix for black orange and black blue
    - legend text color in editing, postbit in mobile bottom controls bg colors, login input boxes color, text box title color.

    You can redownload the package from your download panel and re-upload everything back.
    Thank you so much for your support! and Happy New Year.

    Hanafi Jamil

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    The style zip has been updated again today.
    - rep image padding in postbit
    - forumhome lastpost button for all styles. Last time I did only at flat blue.

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