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Thread: Can I add more advertisements?

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    Question Can I add more advertisements?

    I am wondering if I can still use the built in vBulletin ad space selector in the Admin control panel. If not, is there am easy way to insert ads in various locations? Thanks!

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    All ads location provided by vbulletin from admincp> advertising
    can be used except for header 1, you can use only header 2.

    Please aware that if the ad is a Google ad you need to pick responsive ads option when creating new ad.

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    I’m testing your responsive template and I see that default vBulletin adv management is working only with Header 2 and Header position.
    Other position cause bad behaviour displaying pages.

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    Yes I have mentioned that only Header 2 position available on top.
    Other location, footer, thread, below navbar and all other ad location provided by vb4 you can use them but you need to use responsive option for Adsense and mapping script for GPT.

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