Hello Guys.
I called it STvB4R 2.0 because it has significant changes and update.
Existing customer can just re-download in your original download place where you first purchased.

I have about 29 vb4 responsive customers. Thank you for your support!

This new release has new major update and re-layout of forumhome listing and thread listing.
I don't really like last threadbit's stats placement. Now it is better.

I also moved down the searchbox now in main navbar to give room for header ad placement. This has been requested few times. The searchbox in header last time is a problem.
You must use only "header 2" for this header ad space, from admincp> advertising> add new ad> header 2>

1. Thread listing (Arabic Rtl also updated)
2. Forumhome listing (Arabic Rtl also updated)
3. Desktop search box restyled and repositioned
4. Header 2 ad now is available in header previously ads disabled in header because of search box
5. Main font face is now Montserrat locally loaded.

1. Source code cke mode bug fix.
2. Album not responsive
3. CMS additional responsive control
4. Visitor messages image not responsive
6. Few small profile bugs.
7. Some cut off in search results.
8. Groups search box styling and responsive
9. Subscribed threads
10. Forum title not align when in mobile when it drops second line.
11. Reputation power fix
12. Bottom left new thread button hard to click fix.
13. Forumhome lastpostby arrow button is now back.

Thank you again,
Hanafi Jamil
SultanTheme.com Admin