Hello Guys,
I have updated the STvb4 Responsive zip file.
You are recommended to upload back the style folder "SultanThemeVB4R" and xml like first install.

I suggest that upload the style as a new name OR copy your edited custom template first.

Couple of cosmetic fixes - not so big button, top menu notification drop down now just like normal, and drop down hover arrow at main navtab sub menu.
I also fixed a link of new post with a new session code.

All above reported by Charlie.

Ads fixed;
Fat ads in postbit fixes.
global below navbar normal image ads center.(reported by Jack)
facebook like box made responsive.

I also cleaned up additional.css and made a new link to a new css file named STbase.css.
This will help me a lot when fixing stuff which are not colors, with just one file to edit.

What left in additional.css is now are, some calls to stylevars, hard coded colors only and custom images.

Thank you Guys.